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  • Automotive

    Mega Project Finance Group works closely with our clients to provide comprehensive market analysis and strategy development across all sectors of the automotive industry.
  • Aircraft

    Mega Project Finance Group provides unbiased expertise, knowledge and understanding of the aircraft market and the selection of aircraft available. We have hands-on experience in the process of buying aircraft, setting up the flight department management and negotiating contracts.(We are experts in finding partners)
  • Boats and Ships

    Mega Project Finance Group has provided high quality services that are composed of procuring labor, material and equipment based on the terms of reference and its qualified personnel in this field.
  • Construction

    Mega Project Finance Group provides our clients with strategic management services in construction. We are experts in finding partners
  • Precious metals

    Metal mining is the prowess of the means to haul out metal deposits from underneath the crust of the earth
  • Castles Chateau

    We can turn your dreams into reality. And one thing is certain-you will be treated like royalty throughout your home-building experience. We work hard to cultivate the excellent rapport we share with our customers and thats reflected in our 100% satisfaction guarantee.
  • Petrol Oil and Gas

    Mega Project Finance Group offers a specialized range of oil and gas consulting services that include both technical and commercial solutions for its clients in the oil and gas industry.(We are experts in finding partners)
  • Seaport

    Our strength lies in thinking ideas through to the highest level and carrying them out with the highest of standards.
  • Green gras and forests

    Constantly seeks to ensure that you get what you want. Whether a building or a maintenance project is concerned, a good preparation is a prerequisite.
  • Telecom

    By learning more about what Mega Project Finance Group can offer you, you could choose an option that leads your company to higher levels of success.
  • Tourist

    Mega Project Finance Group, is a Tour Operator specialized, in the promotion and organization of study visits, within colleges known for the quality of English teaching in Turkey.
  • Wind energy

    Doing business means more to us than selling quality wind turbines
  • Buy and sell

    We look forward to helping you place a Business for Sale Listing or find a great business to purchase. Buy or Sell a Business today!

Welcome to Mega Project Finance Group world

Mega Project Finance Group is a European and Turkish firm that was established in Belgium. Mega Project Finance Group is a professional advisory group that aims to identify opportunities for your company to reach its fullest potential. Trust and integrity are the core values of our strategic plan, and they become the basis for the growth that our clients experience. We partner with our clients on all levels of their company's structure to implement strategies and systems that will streamline company activities, resulting in the greatest growth and revenue possible. We are a result oriented company that recognizes success through the growth of your business. Our resources include relations with some of the most powerful and influential alliances throughout the world that will work with us as partners to develop your business into an efficient organization that operates at its fullest capacity.Our clients experience growth and advancement beyond all expectations as a partner with Mega Project Finance Group.

Mega Project Finance Group can grow only as a result of our clients' growth, which remains our primary driving force. We help your company to realize its original goals through establishing the most effective way to operate. We are experts in the consulting of Marketing, Management, and Human Resource spheres, and our priority is sustainable development for all executives and associates of your company. As a reputable and trusted consultant, Mega Project Finance Group understands the risks associated with business development during the pursuit of success. Mega Project Finance Group is committed to absorb much of the trial and error process in order for your company to experience limited risks while enjoying maximum output.

Our clients experience growth and advancement beyond all expectations as a partner with Mega Project Finance Group. Mega Project Finance Group can grow only as a result of our clients' growth, which remains our primary driving force.

5 Steps to success with Mega Project Finance Group

1. Complete Company Analysis
Projects penetrates all previously established business operations of our clients. Doing so generates a thorough understanding of the company goals while identifying all areas that can be improved upon.
2. Plan and Timeline Development
Mega Project Finance Group will develop a unique strategy using the results from Part 1, along with a timeline that outlines your company's partnership with Mega Project Finance Group.
3. Training
The experienced associates of Mega Project Finance Group will work with employees on every level of the client's business structure to ensure an adequate understanding of the overall plan and timeline developed in Part 2 to help recognize the greatest success possible.
4. Implementation and Execution
With the guidance of consultants from Building Bridges, our clients will lead their advancement towards success with the training acquired during Part 3.
5. Review/Analysis/Adjustment
Once adequate time has passed, keeping on track with the timeline developed in Step 2, all strategies implemented will be assessed to determine further need for improvements. Success after this is inevitable!

Etude and Reporting Consultancy
Etude and project works provide to know about the organization in various aspects and hear about the firm's problem and management.
  • Determining the needs and requests
  • The analyze of the organization has been made
  • This analyze has collected various information
  • Regarding the strategy
  • Possibility
  • Targets
  • Working condition of the firm
  • It takes a clear photo of the organizational structure by taking into the consideration of its successful and insufficient aspects.
  • After these analysis, by taking the respective views of the managerial group and staff group, it gets comments about how the firm has been known by them and how to reach the systematic structure as well as it welcomes the feedback of the project group.
  • After assessment of the Firm, it shall be defined about the failures in the structure and it shall be stated that what kind of programs shall be applied to remove these failures. The business and terms of reference in the firm, measurement of the business processes and performance assessment activities have been planned accordingly.
  • Depending on the working field of the Firm and development of the organizational structure, the human resources system, public relations activities, carrier management and selling values have been kept under control.
  • The advanced projects related to the expert area such as marketing, finance and budget planning and the methods that have been used in this project works are as follows:
  • One to one interview technique
  • The survey technique by the interview method
  • Working technique on the documents
  • Assessment of multi- directional data
  • Discussion on the events with the Managers
  • Meeting with the staff on organization expectations
  • Data Collection Technique by marketing research
  • Information Technique towards Customers or public mass
  • All investment and political decisions must take into the consideration of current status and possible developments in the future to succeed and these decisions must be designed in accordance with these. Our Firm has provided Etude and Reporting Consultancy Services particularly towards their demands on investment, finance and marketing by considering the effectiveness and requirements of the right information. United Presidents Consulting has provided the followings within the framework of etude and reporting consultancy for the public institutions and private sector;
  • Investment Etude
  • Marketing Etude
  • Product Etude
  • Finance Etude
  • Preparing Strategic Plan
  • Preparing Agriculture Master Plan
  • Grant Consultancy
    The most important source type of the investment elements are grants. National and EU grant programs that have carried different purpose respectively for small and medium size enterprises, Local Administrations and Private Enterprises have been shown great differences in terms of application and implementation

    Mega Project Finance Group have provided services in the following subjects:

  • To define when and how to get donations
  • Collecting relevant information and documents for grant application
  • Carrying out the relevant technical activities for grant application
  • Preparing Grant Application File
  • Finalizing the Grant Application
  • Implementation of Grant Project
  • Monitoring and Evaluation of Grant Project
  • In order to perform the activities of the foundations and staff to act before various investment and business activities that shall be carried out, the qualifications must be officially approved by information and document. For this purpose, Mega Project Finance Group has provided complete application, effective monitoring and finalization services by the awareness that the speed is more than important for collecting the documents towards obtaining PERMISSION-LICENSE-AND-DOCUMENT provided from public institutions and organizations defined in the following that the Private Sector firms are in need.

    Company, Association, Cooperative and Foundations
    1. Company Establishment
  • 2. Branch Opening
  • 3. Opening of the Communication Office
  • Our Services: Preparing the application files Taking permission regarding establishment of Company/ opening of Branch/ opening of Coordination Office Registry process related to the Company establishment/branch opening Investment encouragement document processes
  • 1.Receiving Investment Encouragement Document
  • 2.Revision of Investment Encouragement Document
  • 3.Closing Investment Encouragement Document
  • Relevant Institutions: Turkish Republic Prime Ministry Under secretariat of Treasury Our Services:
  • 1.Preparing Application File/ Preparing Application Documents
  • 2.Making Applications
  • 3.Following and Finalization
  • Our methods
    The methods that have been used in the project works are as follows:
  • One to one interview techniques
  • Working technique on the documents
  • Assessment of multi- directional data
  • Discussion on the events with the Managers
  • Meeting with the staff on organization expectations
  • Data Collection Technique by marketing research
  • Information Technique towards Customers or public mass
  • Mega Project Finance Group has adopted as a principle of transparency and honesty by the project works in the organization field both in Turkey and Europe. We are well aware that we have been providing "support service" for the successful, devoted and entrepreneur businessmen and professional groups of our Country and we will spare no effort to provide new methods and approaches to the private and public institutions to support them continuously.
    Mega Project Finance Group All rights reserved.