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    Mega Project Finance Group has provided high quality services that are composed of procuring labor, material and equipment based on the terms of reference and its qualified personnel in this field.
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Boats and ships

Mega Project Finance Group provides consultation services to all people and institutions who want to make investment for a ship or to manage the construction process of a ship in a controlled manner by taking into the consideration of production conditions and lead time to enable them that they could spend in accordance with the purpose and to obtain appropriate service and products against their expenditures

Thanks to the broad experience gained by various projects in the ship construction field, Mega Project Finance Group has conveyed the vast knowledge through its qualified personnel and in complying with the project, it could manage the projects actively.

Following the decision taken for the investment and project, by following up the position of maritime sector and economic developments, Mega Project Finance Group has provided assistance for the investors by its vast knowledge and experience to direct the investment in good position and to obtain the desired gains

Feasibility activities in the construction of new ship and ship transformation process, Selection of shipyard, Project planning and schedule, Determination of equipment and material specifications, Procurement consulting(providing equipment and material proposals , assessment and reporting), Procurement of ship construction design project, Production control engineering, Management of ship acceptance process

General services
It includes the definition and following of each step for ship construction project in detail by starting from gestation, management of the relations together with the shareholders and finally the delivery process of the ship to the user. By taking into the consideration of trends in maritime sector, Mega Project Finance Group has rendered services to the ship construction projects that have been provided by its qualifications and possibilities. These projects could also be made as turn-key in accordance to the current position. Mega Project Finance Group has provided the following services to its customers within the scope of service projects as a unique acceptor;

Project management (scope, time, cost, source, communication, risk, procurement, quality management) Defining all project shareholders and their coordination (shipyard, class establishment, designer, manufacturer firms, and flag state authority), Contract and detail design, Assigning and supplying material and equipment specifications, Subcontractor firm or staff recruitment, Performing factory, harbor and sea acceptance test, Ship registration project, Ship delivery, Industrial /ship spare parts procurement, Heating, cooling and air conditioning solutions, Valve checks automation systems, Nonflammable prefabricated construction elements

1-Contract works services
The contract works include the works such as detailed modifications in a current ship or construction of a part of the ship or a system accordingly. United Presidents Consulting has provided high quality services that are composed of procuring labor, material and equipment based on the terms of reference and its qualified personnel in this field. With regard to the current ships, transformation process such as drawing out, changing the ship type, transforming to the double wall, calibration changes, tank adding has been carried out. Mega Project Finance Group has provided assistance for the most appropriate solutions for the customer to complete the process on due time by taking into the consideration of current construction possibilities in shipyard where the transformation process shall be carried out and by producing relevant engineering activities. During the transformation process, the most updated international ship design and construction rules have been considered. consulting provides engineering and labor services in the ship mounting by preparing and producing the equipment design and labor documentation such as pipe systems, ship equipment in the construction of new ship together with its safe business partners. consulting has provided the construction works to the disposal of the customer by performing in the project time and by defining all vehicles and methods in complying with the scope and the conditions of the Contract agreed on it. consulting that could reflect its experience in the construction of new ships into the part of ship or system construction easily; Mega Project Finance Group has provided labor services that shall adapt fully to the delivery date without having any failure towards the construction progress time.
2-Expertise services
As Mega Project Finance Group, we have been providing expertise services in the following matters. The reports in accordance with the national and international acceptance criteria has been prepared and submitted to the Customers.
    1.Valuations of Shipyards,
a.Determination of shipyard investment cost values,
b.Determination of immediate expenditure amounts of projects that have been initiated in the shipyards,
2.Value determination of the ships,
3.Reporting the technical damages by assessing,
4.Damage assessment, budgeting and reporting for the accidents related to the ships or sea structures,
5.Damage assessment and reporting in the accidents occurred in the shipyards
3- New ship construction project services
Within the scope of our Firm, the following services regarding new construction activities have been rendered depending upon the principles of secrecy among the firms.
    1. Contract Management Services
      1a. Preparing and checking the technical specifications and contracts of the ship construction projects
    1b. Managing the coordination with the potential customers within the framework of the principles of secrecy.
2. Project Management Services
    2a. Directing and checking the design works of the ship construction projects
2b. Supporting the equipment procurement process of the ship construction projects technically 2c. Receiving tender for the new construction projects and providing technical support to the shipyard selection
    2d. Calculating and updating the project costs
2e. Providing all technical coordination with class and harbor authorities as well as similar institutions 3.New Construction Observation Services
    3a. Checking and Following all construction steps of domestic and international new construction projects through expert staff in complying with their skills
      3b. Informing the ship owner by daily, weekly, monthly reports
        3c.Providing coordination with shipyard
      3d.Organizing relations with class, harbor authorities, painting firms etc. as well as third parties
    3e. Preparing hand over documents
4.The services rendered for the New Construction Shipyard
The services rendered for the new construction shipyard
* a. Submitting relevant potential projects in accordance with the structure of the shipyards and their locations
* b. Following the realization process of these projects
* c. Giving above mentioned services to the realized projects on behalf of the shipyard
5-Shipchandlery services
We could provide all kinds of portable rations in good quality, technical material, and fire and life safety equipment to the ships. Quality, cheapness and delivery on time are our constant principles. Our team is composed of staff that has deep knowledge about each kind of ship materials. We know very well that the time is more than important in the navigation. For this reason, we are at work 7 days 24 hours.
We have large organization structure that we could serve in all harbors in Europe-Asia-Turkey. On the other hand, we could carry out the material supply in certain harbor of the world through the shipchandler firms that we have an agreement. Before order, if you want to make early meeting about material details, our authorized staff could pay a visit to the ships wherever they are.
Our shipchandlery services have been included the following matters
* Portable rations (including each kind of frozen foods)
* Duty-free beverage and cigarette (All trademarks)
* Consumer materials of shipyard and machine
* Kitchen and cabin consumer materials
* Fire and safeguard materials
* Pyrotechnic material
* Medical Material
* Filling of Industrial gasses (Oxygen, acetylene, cooling gasses etc.)
* Fresh water supplying
* Dirty linen washing service
* Chemical Material
* Marine paints
* Navigation tools
* Map drawing tools
* Magnetic Compass
* Sextant
* Telescope
* Barometer, watch, stopwatch
* National Flags, International signing flags
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