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  • Automotive

    Mega Project Finance Group works closely with our clients to provide comprehensive market analysis and strategy development across all sectors of the automotive industry.
  • Aircraft

    Mega Project Finance Group provides unbiased expertise, knowledge and understanding of the aircraft market and the selection of aircraft available. We have hands-on experience in the process of buying aircraft, setting up the flight department management and negotiating contracts.(We are experts in finding partners)
  • Boats and Ships

    Mega Project Finance Group has provided high quality services that are composed of procuring labor, material and equipment based on the terms of reference and its qualified personnel in this field.
  • Construction

    Mega Project Finance Group provides our clients with strategic management services in construction. We are experts in finding partners
  • Precious metals

    Metal mining is the prowess of the means to haul out metal deposits from underneath the crust of the earth
  • Castles Chateau

    We can turn your dreams into reality. And one thing is certain-you will be treated like royalty throughout your home-building experience. We work hard to cultivate the excellent rapport we share with our customers and thats reflected in our 100% satisfaction guarantee.
  • Petrol Oil and Gas

    Mega Project Finance Group offers a specialized range of oil and gas consulting services that include both technical and commercial solutions for its clients in the oil and gas industry.(We are experts in finding partners)
  • Seaport

    Our strength lies in thinking ideas through to the highest level and carrying them out with the highest of standards.
  • Green gras and forests

    Constantly seeks to ensure that you get what you want. Whether a building or a maintenance project is concerned, a good preparation is a prerequisite.
  • Telecom

    By learning more about what Mega Project Finance Group can offer you, you could choose an option that leads your company to higher levels of success.
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    Mega Project Finance Group, is a Tour Operator specialized, in the promotion and organization of study visits, within colleges known for the quality of English teaching in Turkey.
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    Doing business means more to us than selling quality wind turbines
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    We look forward to helping you place a Business for Sale Listing or find a great business to purchase. Buy or Sell a Business today!

Castle chateau

Castle Chateaux, can turn your dreams into reality. And one thing is certain-you will be treated like royalty throughout your home-building experience. We work hard to cultivate the excellent rapport we share with our customers and that's reflected in our 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Our specialty is outstanding customer service and fine, custom homes. Our greatest satisfaction is creating a unique product that you and your family can enjoy happily ever after. Castle Construction offers the personal attention.

Our custom interior and exterior trim packages leave plenty of room to inject your unique sense of style. We skillfully merge your ideas with our features and amenities so your new home appointed with today's comforts and conveniences. Each home built by Castle Construction has its own character and charm. We strive to create a distinctive home that facilitates each individual's way of life. Once you've decided on your home, we can begin building on your lot Country, or we can work with you to choose a lot in one of our growing neighborhoods. Together, we will find the best lot to accommodate your particular home design. Using our expertise in placing home site, we can situate your home to take the best advantage of its natural landscape. Castle Chateaux construction based in the heart of the country, is able to undertake work almost anywhere in the Belgium working in partnership on many projects and extending its reputation as a leading operator in the industry.

castle chateaux

Why choose us:

Castle Chateaux was established in 2011 to cater for smaller and big construction contracts from 150000 to 500.000.000 Euro. The company enjoys a wealth of management experience and has a history steeped
in main contractor and subcontract packages, in particularly masonry, scaffolding and joinery, and whilst it will continue to offer these services on either lab our only or full supply and fix package basis, it will also undertake full packages on a main contractor basis
We work in all sectors of the market including industrial, commercial, retail, education, health, leisure and residential. We also offer our services to the private sector to undertake extensions, alterations and new builds.
The company operates worldwide and current works include the refurbishment of the Brussels Belgium, which incorporates the construction of a new lift pit and shaft, infilling existing floor voids, the construction of a new reinforced concrete up stand and the formation of new reinforced concrete ramps.

History of Castles

Castles evolved from ancient walled cities like Troy, Babylon, Jericho and Mycenae. These cities had thick, high stone walls with gates that limited traffic flow. Soldiers would stand guard at the gates and on the walls to fend off attackers. The earliest type of castle was essentially a ringed fort called a grod. A grod consisted of wooden and earthen walls (ramparts), a fortified gate or gates and a surrounding moat.
A second type of early castle stemmed from the high, round watchtowers that the Romans built along their frontiers. The tower, called a bergfried, was made of wood (and stone, starting in the 13th century). Bergfrieds, found throughout Germany, were the predecessors of the tall towers in later medieval castles. The third type was motte and bailey castles. They consisted of a mound (motte), which was located within an open courtyard (bailey) that was enclosed by wooden wall with a fortified gate.
On top of the motte was a wooden tower called a donjon. The motte and bailey castle incorporated features of the grod and the bergfried. They became popular during the reign of Charlemagne in France (A.D. 800) and were used widely by William the Conqueror after the Norman conquest of England in 1066. The motte and bailey could be constructed in a matter of weeks or months.
Castles vs. Palaces
Castles and palaces were stately homes for nobles and kings, but only castles had high curtain walls, towers and moats. Although palaces are large residences and may have walls around them, they do not have high curtain walls and were not designed for military purposes. These early castles laid the foundations for developments of castles in the High Middle Ages.
  • 1.Stone and brick walls replaced wooden ones. Stone walls were sturdier and could be built much higher.
  • 2.In some castles, an inner wall was added, forming a concentric ring. This extra wall provided more defenses.
  • 3.The bailey became larger and divided into separate courtyards.
  • 4.The donjon became larger and made of stone and its name changed to the keep.
  • 5.Other buildings were added in the baileys like great halls, palaces, chapels, residences for knights and servants, stables and workplaces for craftsmen.
  • 6.Several large, tall towers were built into the castle. Some towers were incorporated into the outer walls, while others were freestanding structures within the courtyard.
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