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  • Automotive

    Mega Project Finance Group works closely with our clients to provide comprehensive market analysis and strategy development across all sectors of the automotive industry.
  • Aircraft

    Mega Project Finance Group provides unbiased expertise, knowledge and understanding of the aircraft market and the selection of aircraft available. We have hands-on experience in the process of buying aircraft, setting up the flight department management and negotiating contracts.(We are experts in finding partners)
  • Boats and Ships

    Mega Project Finance Group has provided high quality services that are composed of procuring labor, material and equipment based on the terms of reference and its qualified personnel in this field.
  • Construction

    Mega Project Finance Group provides our clients with strategic management services in construction. We are experts in finding partners
  • Precious metals

    Metal mining is the prowess of the means to haul out metal deposits from underneath the crust of the earth
  • Castles Chateau

    We can turn your dreams into reality. And one thing is certain-you will be treated like royalty throughout your home-building experience. We work hard to cultivate the excellent rapport we share with our customers and thats reflected in our 100% satisfaction guarantee.
  • Petrol Oil and Gas

    Mega Project Finance Group offers a specialized range of oil and gas consulting services that include both technical and commercial solutions for its clients in the oil and gas industry.(We are experts in finding partners)
  • Seaport

    Our strength lies in thinking ideas through to the highest level and carrying them out with the highest of standards.
  • Green gras and forests

    Constantly seeks to ensure that you get what you want. Whether a building or a maintenance project is concerned, a good preparation is a prerequisite.
  • Telecom

    By learning more about what Mega Project Finance Group can offer you, you could choose an option that leads your company to higher levels of success.
  • Tourist

    Mega Project Finance Group, is a Tour Operator specialized, in the promotion and organization of study visits, within colleges known for the quality of English teaching in Turkey.
  • Wind energy

    Doing business means more to us than selling quality wind turbines
  • Buy and sell

    We look forward to helping you place a Business for Sale Listing or find a great business to purchase. Buy or Sell a Business today!


is a leading international construction consultancy firm offering tailored solutions to clients investing in construction. Working across a broad spectrum of industry sectors our services are designed to reduce risk, bring control to all projects and achieve optimum value for money for our clients through independent and objective advice.

Mega Project Finance Group provides our clients with strategic management services in construction. Our years of experience and practical knowledge enables us to assist our clients in completing their construction projects on time and on budget

Construction Consulting furnishes a knowledgeable and experienced interface between the client, the architect and the building contractor. This enables our clients to utilize and benefit from our professional expertise and knowledgeable construction experience, in order to make the necessary timely and cost effective project decisions.

Mega Project Finance Group for Construction serves all manner of construction related businesses. These include main contractors, sub-contractors, fit-out specialists, architects, civil engineers, consulting engineers, quantity surveyors, project managers and developers. By identifying key clients, increasing your company profile and the implementation of effective sales and marketing activity to suit you, Consulting for Construction will give your company the edge and make sure you stay ahead of the competition.

Our objective from the earliest stage is to lead a coordinated effort that includes all disciplines - planners, architects, engineers, subcontractors and the owner. With this group working as a single entity, we collaborate and share recommendations, coming up with the most effective solutions before moving forward to provide all that is possible with the dollars available.

Why choose us:


Let our experience and knowledge assist you in your project's successful completion.

Investment bankers, financial
Mega Project Finance Group provides comprehensive support to lending institutions, investment bankers, financial advisors, project developers, and investors in the areas of pre financing/pre-acquisition due diligence and assistance with troubled projects.
Mega Project Finance Group acquisition review has enhanced value when the acquirer of the business is a financial entity or in an industry not directly associated with the acquisition. Many financial buyers focus on acquiring businesses with experienced and professional industry management. The management team of the acquired company, while competent within their industry, does not usually have extensive exposure to "best practices" that can be utilized to improve company operations. In order to implement "best practices," several of Mega Project Finance Group services that separate us from other firms include:
  • Reviewing efficiency of the operation and recommending "best practices" to improve efficiency and reduce costs
  • Reviewing capital expenditure and future operating cost assumptions for reasonableness and efficiency
  • Reviewing organizational structure and quality systems to optimize customer satisfaction and profitability goals
  • Building lasting relationships

    In some cases, it may seem that construction firms are solely in the business of building structures. At Mega Project Finance Group, we feel the ones who've thrived learned to build a bit more along the way namely trust and lasting relationships. we have built a legacy of satisfaction with our customers, earning the confidence of those in a range of industries throughout the world. We are proud of the fact that all of our customers have hired us more than once. Some have been working with us for decades. Work with Mega Project Finance Group and you can be certain that through our expert preconstruction, general contracting, construction management and design/build services, you too will join that long and growing list.

    Consultancy Services
    Mega Project Finance Group has a team of specialist-trained consultants, who provide a range of project support services to add value to our client's schemes. The team is experienced in risk, value and programme management techniques. Our project consultants are trained in facilitation techniques enabling them to design carefully structured workshops that ensure the project teams form improved quality decisions that:
  • Identify the relevant issues through team participation
  • Ensure consensus through methodical evaluation techniques
  • Accelerate the decision making process saving significant programme time.
  • How works a Consultant?

    Most consultants and firms work on a per assignment basis. The business and the consulting firm agree on a task or a period of time and work together to meet that goal. Once the firm meets the goal, the contract and the relationship end. Businesses also have longer-term relationships with consultants and firms. Examples of these contracts are the HR and IT departments provided to a business by a consulting form. On a smaller scale, businesses often hire specialized contractors almost as they would a regular employee to fill a niche role in the company. Prime examples of this are the techs that a client will contract from a technology firm as an on-site consultant. Another prevalent relationship type between business and consultant is fractional consulting. Fractional consulting takes many forms but is generally a long-term relationship and the services provided are often sporadic in nature.

    Consulting Approaches
    Specific methodologies employed by consultants differ greatly depending on the field in which they are working. In a broader sense, consultants accomplish their tasks in a four-stage process. The first stage involves identifying the problem or goal and conceiving ideas on how to rectify or achieve it. The second stage involves forming strategies and visualizing how the business can implement the new ideas. The third stage is the action stage. This is where the consultant, generally working closely alongside the business, executes the plan. The consultant will wear many hats during this stage of the process as he or she or the firm works toward the achieving the goal. The final stage is closure, or ensuring that the company is prepared to maintain its newly achieved status. Even in a given field, the approaches employed by one consulting firm during the process can differ wildly from the approaches employed by another. These preferred methodologies are often what make a consultant or firm a good match for a particular business.
    How are working Mega Project Finance Group?
    What separates consultant from expert is perspective and the ability to channel a company's inherent means to achieve a realistic goal. The methodology that the consultant employs to accomplish the goal can be simplified into four stages. The first step is the conception of the idea. This is where the consultant assesses the business and then applies his fresh and innovative perspective to the company's goal. At this stage, the business can obtain a level of honesty that is often difficult to achieve with traditional employees. Then, the company can fully define its goal. The second level is the process of taking the idea and developing a plan to implement it. At this stage, the Mega Project Finance Group works closely with the decision makers to define a strategy to reach the goal. It is here that consultant ensures that the goal is obtainable so that the business can invest with confidence. In the third stage, the Mega Project Finance Group is putting the plan into action. The heart of the consultant's methodology, this is the point at which he or she will don many different masks in service to the company. These roles include speaker, writer, trainer, risk analyser, and even client liaison. The consultant plays or provides for whatever roles are necessary to execute the strategy. At the finishing stage, the company has reached their immediate goal. However, the consultant must ensure that the new status quo is sound. The client must have confidence that they have met project goals and that they have prepared to face the changing requirements that the future brings them. At this point, the consultant may have completed their job and move on to the next project. However, some businesses hire consultants on a more permanent basis, working on a continuous series of projects. Other businesses hire fractional consultants. In these situations, consultants have long-term relationships with business to which they provide services to sporadically.
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