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    Mega Project Finance Group works closely with our clients to provide comprehensive market analysis and strategy development across all sectors of the automotive industry.
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    Mega Project Finance Group provides unbiased expertise, knowledge and understanding of the aircraft market and the selection of aircraft available. We have hands-on experience in the process of buying aircraft, setting up the flight department management and negotiating contracts.(We are experts in finding partners)
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    Mega Project Finance Group has provided high quality services that are composed of procuring labor, material and equipment based on the terms of reference and its qualified personnel in this field.
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    Mega Project Finance Group provides our clients with strategic management services in construction. We are experts in finding partners
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    Metal mining is the prowess of the means to haul out metal deposits from underneath the crust of the earth
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    Our strength lies in thinking ideas through to the highest level and carrying them out with the highest of standards.
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    Constantly seeks to ensure that you get what you want. Whether a building or a maintenance project is concerned, a good preparation is a prerequisite.
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    By learning more about what Mega Project Finance Group can offer you, you could choose an option that leads your company to higher levels of success.
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    Mega Project Finance Group, is a Tour Operator specialized, in the promotion and organization of study visits, within colleges known for the quality of English teaching in Turkey.
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Green grass and forests

Choosing the right grass for your climate Remember you are doing this for yourself, nobody else. So why would you choose grass that is not going to grow best in your location. The key is to do enough research on the type of grasses that grow best in you region so that you can have a green grass lawn. For example, if you live in New York, you are best to grow cool season grass. Consulting a nursery in your local area is not a bad idea.

Where to grow your grass

After you have determined what type of grass grows best in your area, the next step is to know the type and pH of your soil. Before you undertake planting in your soil, you need to prepare it first. You need a soil test so to know the type of fertilizer to use in your lawn.

As for the fertilizers, addition of nitrates and iron will work wonders for you. The results will be instantaneous. Usually, it takes about three days top show. Even though this is not recommendable for regular maintenance. Thereafter, you should make sure to remove the weed. We are growing green grass not green weed.

Taking care of you green grass

Once you have planted it, one way of not liking your grass is not to water it. So watering is very important - especially in the first few weeks. If it is not rainy, prepare yourself for a mammoth task of watering in the intervals of fifteen - twenty five minutes.

Make sure you let no one trample on you grass. If they do, that is one way to kill it. When it comes to mowing the grass to keep it green, you should be cautious of the height. After the first month, you will need not mow you grass. This is to allow it to grow fully before you cut it. After that, you will need to mow to have a green grass. You should mow it to three - four inches.

Growing green grass should be an achievement. Many have tried but few have been successful. You do not want to join the list of failures. Just follow the mentioned steps and you will be surprised of your achievements.

  • Green grass is the best reception to your home
  • The climate in your are also contributes to green grass
  • Fertilizers help to give life to your grass
  • Watering your grass leads to it being greener
  • Never trample on your grass
  • Additional information

    The other thing you can do is to over seed your lawn. This will enable you grass that has died out to be replaced by new ones without you going back to your lawn to plant.


    Mega Project Finance Group provides a broad range of environmental consulting services including:

    Project Management
    Project development and implementation, expert support and concept development, proposal development support, project evaluation
    Research Support
    Market analysis, policy assessment, trade flow analysis, company & business research, scientific based background reports
    Effective & target group-specific communication, communication strategy development, campaign planning and implementation, development of web-based campaign and marketing tools
    Environmental & Forest Policy Advice
    In-depth policy analysis and recommendations, policy oriented research and advocacy, support in developing and implementing environmental and responsible purchasing policy for the timber and paper sector


    We provide consulting and environmental services to many of Canada's largest forest product producers and government at every level. High demand for our services in all parts of the world means we continue to invest in our capabilities ensuring that domestic customers benefit from our improvements in methods, best practices, tools and technology.

    Innovative Methods and Technology

    Mega Project Finance Group offers a broad range of services through our seven practice areas resulting in the integrated approach needed to meet the needs of sustainable forestry operations. Deep domain expertise, innovative methods and leading edge technology have fueled the leadership position we occupy today.

    Mega Project Finance Group provides management consulting and professional services for any aspect of forest and land management, as well as the following general services:

  • Information Management - GIS, Remote Sensing, Digital Cartography, Lidar
  • Inventory Services
  • Resource Analysis
  • Forest Operations
  • Silviculture Services
  • Geomatics
  • Timber Cruising
  • Cruise Compilation
  • Biometrics
  • Environmental Services - Impact Assessments, Monitoring, Land Services, Ecological Classifications
  • Carbon and Carbon Accounting
  • Mission: To be a trusted voice on the environmental agenda that balances ecological protection with client growth and development objectives. Vision: To improve outcome certainty for clients and deliver triple bottom line results for People, Planet and Profit.

    Marketing of Sustainable Forest Products

    Services continued
    Market research, creation of market links, support in Chain-of-Custody certification, responsible purchasing and green procurement, expertise on market driven forest sector development
    Sustainable Forest Management (SFM)
    Sustainable forest management support, certification preparation and training, development of best practice standards, support in sustainable production of woody biomass, development of climate change adaptation strategies
    Environment and Nature Conservation
    Forest carbon sink potential analysis, support in responsible bioenergy production and biofuel purchasing, ecological footprint assessment, advice in wildlife management and habitat improvement, support in nature protection planning and sustainable tourism development
    Our Partnership with You
    How we work with our clients is pretty simple. No matter how big or small the project, we always work in a way where we can provide the most value. We can engage as a strategic partner to manage the complete project workflow, we can complement internal client resources; we can act as a "flex" resource and partner with engineering firms or other contractors; or we can simply be at the table to consult and advise at the planning stage.
    The challenge many companies face today is how to manage the impact of ever-changing environmental policies and compliance legislation on their projects. The environmental agenda is evolving rapidly and Mega Project Finance Group is there every step of the way to help business navigate the complex natural resource component.
    Mega Project Finance Group will help you manage your woodlot from development of a forest management plan to implementing harvest and silviculture activity. We will develop a forest-management plan for you to not only improve the health and growing conditions of your woodlot but also help you qualify for the tax-deferred intergenerational transfer of your woodlot when it is passed on to the next generation. We are very flexible in the services we provide to help you manage your woodlot and achieve your goals and objectives over the short & long term.

    We will help you learn more about managing for the natural forest

    Environment and Nature Conservation
    Forest carbon sink potential analysis, support in responsible bioenergy production and biofuel purchasing, ecological footprint assessment, advice in wildlife management and habitat improvement, support in nature protection planning and sustainable tourism development

    The choice is yours.

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