Projects one: We are looking for the ultra large with latest technology aircraft factory investment totaling 700 million euros you are interested please kontact us for a follow-up appointment

Projects two: Worldwide, We are looking for banking or banking house that are for sale or to sell stock or fund injection needed

Projects eleven: Turkey, We are looking for companies interested in Turkish market, we can put in service to your company with financing options, if you have 0.1% cash of total business plan

Projects twenty one: Worldwide, We are looking for construction companies and architects who seek international acquisition for large projects, it you are interested email your company's information and References from past projects and your program representative

Projects twenty eight: Worldwide, Our client is looking for plants in the following sectors: metals, construction cranes, textile factory with brand, telecom companies, large shopping buildings, aircraft companies, sea ports, ship building companies, wind energy and 5 star hotels, you have one of these companies and mail full details representative of the company

Projects twenty nine: Worldwide, Are you looking for fertilizer or fertilizer you directly we can help you with that email with your details of your contact

Projects thirty three: Europe or Asia, We are looking for our customer in Europe or Asia aircraft maintenance preferably with certified part 147 school and possibly collaborative capabilities

Projects thirty four: We are looking for companies or private investors or institutions wishing to invest in pure gold. (Gold always profit)

Projects thirty five: Netherlands, We have several Dutch construction companies for sale annual sales ranging between 5 million and 1 billion euros you are interested email your details and wishes of the contact made with

Projects thirty six: You want to sell you products you want or feasible for you in Europe or Asia, we take care of your market research and product we create for you a comprehensive report. If you are interested email maximize your data and information of your product may be representative program we will contact you

Projects thirty seven: Worldwide, On behalf of our clients we are looking for oil traders, as there are companies that oil traders are more information via email, mail all your data

Upcoming construction projects:

SALE new Airbus A330 all types aircraft projects from the factory,financing aircraft, airbus 0.1% own money financing, everything is negotiable.

SALE new Airbus A320 all types aircraft projects from the factory,financing aircraft, airbus 0.1% own money financing, everything is negotiable.

Jet aircraft SALE new from the factory with no waiting period immediately available,financing aircraft, airbus 0.1% own money financing.

Oil Platform is sought investors Turkije

Oil Platform is sought investors Singapore

Oil Platform is sought investors Thailand

Mega oilfield is sought 700 million loan financing

Mega Project Space Shuttle travel to Mars, Pluto and construction projects

Telecommunications company to work for global mobile internet

Car Factory looking for investors

own idea or product you import or export, market research

various little financial banks for sale

I am looking for large port dredging projects

We are looking for companies or business people no money, with bank guarantees

Big Bio projects

Big Energy projects

Big Water projects

Hospital projects

Big Gas projects

Worldwide, We, in Turkey's first private radio station founder and former managers, the first private television channels. In Turkey we have signed many projects successfully. Many famous artists have made the concert organizer in Turkey. The organizer of the awards have made the traditional King TV. There are a number of projects in film, looking for funding to provide financial support to implement these projects. Funding partnership offer. Film projects looking for investors. Investors, financial returns will be common cinema projects. Our philosophy is to produce good projects together, and together they won. Film projects are projects that will bring a lot of noise in the world. Cinema projects, the promotion of our country\'s great contributions to the world anticipate that. Movie industry in our country has great potential in the commercial sense. Turkish movie industry, movie industry $ 200 billion size of the percent of the world 0.22 has to give. The size of the domestic film industry in Turkey, about 300 million dollars a year. There are a huge potential for our country, movie industry, with projects to benefit from this potential. Projects and projects in our country and the world that can yield great cinema.

Worldwide I am looking for banks or construction companies that recently have their funding involved or private people, come into contact people and businesses who want to mortgage financing problems have to renew each project at least 25 houses, at least 20% cash their own money, is re-arranged mortgage typically this beneficial for home owners, everything runs through the notary

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