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  • Automotive

    Mega Project Finance Group works closely with our clients to provide comprehensive market analysis and strategy development across all sectors of the automotive industry.
  • Aircraft

    Mega Project Finance Group provides unbiased expertise, knowledge and understanding of the aircraft market and the selection of aircraft available. We have hands-on experience in the process of buying aircraft, setting up the flight department management and negotiating contracts.(We are experts in finding partners)
  • Boats and Ships

    Mega Project Finance Group has provided high quality services that are composed of procuring labor, material and equipment based on the terms of reference and its qualified personnel in this field.
  • Construction

    Mega Project Finance Group provides our clients with strategic management services in construction. We are experts in finding partners
  • Precious metals

    Metal mining is the prowess of the means to haul out metal deposits from underneath the crust of the earth
  • Castles Chateau

    We can turn your dreams into reality. And one thing is certain-you will be treated like royalty throughout your home-building experience. We work hard to cultivate the excellent rapport we share with our customers and thats reflected in our 100% satisfaction guarantee.
  • Petrol Oil and Gas

    Mega Project Finance Group offers a specialized range of oil and gas consulting services that include both technical and commercial solutions for its clients in the oil and gas industry.(We are experts in finding partners)
  • Seaport

    Our strength lies in thinking ideas through to the highest level and carrying them out with the highest of standards.
  • Green gras and forests

    Constantly seeks to ensure that you get what you want. Whether a building or a maintenance project is concerned, a good preparation is a prerequisite.
  • Telecom

    By learning more about what Mega Project Finance Group can offer you, you could choose an option that leads your company to higher levels of success.
  • Tourist

    Mega Project Finance Group, is a Tour Operator specialized, in the promotion and organization of study visits, within colleges known for the quality of English teaching in Turkey.
  • Wind energy

    Doing business means more to us than selling quality wind turbines
  • Buy and sell

    We look forward to helping you place a Business for Sale Listing or find a great business to purchase. Buy or Sell a Business today!

Wind Energy

Doing business means more to us than selling quality wind turbines. We help you to supply your energy needs.

This means that our dealers are trained to estimate your energy requirements and to assist you in finding the best solution for your needs. After selecting the best technological option, we shall assist you in filing building permit requests and in securing all possible grants.

only supply the hardware, but also the services that will enable you to relax in the knowledge that you have professional assistance. For us, a complete product is a good quality turbine, a full service approach, and a transparent price.

Our current models are based on the same: an upwind rotor with a fail safe vane security system. This principle guarantees a high yield because the turbine will never stop functioning, but at the same time it protects the turbine by gale force winds. The use of high tech materials in combination with a simple design results in state of the art wind turbines at a low price. Quality products have made us European market leader.

research and development
Our research and development aims at further improvement of the price/performance ratio.
  • wind turbines distinguish themselves from other small turbines because they are:
  • Maintenance free
  • Reliable (over 20 years life time is no exception)
  • Silent (typically 47 dB)
  • Good yield for a fair price.
  • Our research and development aims at further improvement of the price/performance ratio. Our target is to have our turbines competing with grid electricity without a grant in 3 years time. We will do this by improving the output of the turbines while at the same time lowering their costs.
    The Benefits of Wind Power
    With a personal wind turbine, you can reduce your carbon footprint every time you turn on the TV. Help run your kitchen appliances while reducing your dependence on foreign oil. And provide the electricity your family needs at a more affordable rate. Basically, our turbines provide you with a cleaner, more affordable source of energy for your home while making a statement for all to see
    What is a Personal Wind Turbine?
    It's a small turbine that gives you the ability to turn wind into clean, affordable energy for your on-grid or off-grid home or dwelling right from your own backyard
    Putting the Power of the Wind to Work for Your Organization
    Capturing the wind to generate energy for your site makes good business sense anywhere the wind blows. Even if that anywhere happens to be a retail parking lot, a mountaintop cell tower or in the middle of the ocean on an offshore platform.

    From factories to hotels to retail stores, organizations are installing wind turbines to help lower their monthly utility bills, then realizing even more benefits from the free publicity and customer goodwill often generated by using green energy
    On-Grid Turbines Mounted on New or Retrofitted Light Poles Single or multiple units of our wind turbines work in tandem with your electric utility to power your building's needs. Our scalable light pole systems offset electric costs and create a visible renewable energy presence. wind turbines provide electricity directly to your facility. You'll use the energy generated first and only pull from the electric grid during times when your needs go beyond what your turbines are generating. turbines can be mounted on shared infrastructure such as parking lot light towers to closely match the appearance of existing lighting. Whether you're retrofitting existing towers or you're designing for new construction, we work with you to create an integrated light and wind turbine system that perfectly meets your needs.
    Small wind turbines from Windpower can be installed on the side of your existing communications towers to reduce the run time on gas generators, or to create a hybrid solar/wind system to keep your batteries charged. How Can a Small Wind Turbine Help? If your remote site has an average 9 mph (4 m/s) wind resource or better (whether the site is grid-connected or off-grid with a battery bank), a small wind system will work. Every time the wind blows, an AIR wind turbine reduces the run time on your gas generator, saving hundreds or even thousands of dollars per year in fuel costs. It's easy to install, too. The AIR can be attached to the side of an existing communications tower using available hardware, then connected directly to your batteries. See the chart below to determine whether our AIR fits your needs, or if you require something larger. Recommended Products for Telecommunications The chart below shows the estimated kilowatt hours a month produced by each wind turbine. Your turbine's performance may vary depending on its location.
    Industrial Applications
    From off-shore oil platforms in the middle of the ocean to field-deployable systems in the middle of nowhere, small wind turbines create dependable energy in areas where you can't depend on a utility company
    Which Wind Turbine is Right for Your Platform?
    Our AIR Industrial turbine uses a sealed alternator design that won't cause arcing, while its cast-aluminum frame and powder-coated body make it resistant to the corrosive elements. Larger wind turbines with higher output are also available. We recommend three different models depending on your energy needs. For volatile environments, we always recommend the AIR Industrial. The chart below shows the estimated kilowatt-hour production of each turbine. Performance may vary depending on your location.
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